Size Chart

Cuffs & Bracelets
We size our cuffs and bracelets based on the circumference of the wearer's wrist, not the piece itself. To find your ideal size, we suggest wrapping a soft measuring tape or string comfortably taut around your wrist where you want your cuff to rest and recording the measurement without any slack -- don't worry, we account for comfort! Our sizing kit includes a paper ruler that can be used in place of a measuring tape if you don't have one.
 Find your corresponding size below:
6 inches - Small
6.5 inches - Medium
7 inches - Large
7.5 inches - XL
8.0 inches - XXL
    If you fall exactly between two sizes, we recommend sizing up or requesting a custom size. If you fall outside of our standard sizing range, we can do a custom size at no extra charge. Just be sure to triple check as custom-sized pieces are considered final sale. 
    If you aren't 100% certain of your ring size, you can order our sizing kit. It includes a reusable plastic ring sizer to help you determine best fit, as well as ring width cut-outs to help you visualize a ring on your finger in our most popular sizes.
    (If you are in the US, shipping is free. If you're not, you can find them for super cheap on Amazon.) Make it as tight as you can and still it get over the knuckle, then check it a few times throughout the day as fingers tend to fluctuate in size.

    If you wanted to confirm, you could always pop into a jewelry store to get sized. This is typically a free service.

    Keep in mind we can do half and even quarter sizes -- just include the request in the order notes on the cart page. If in doubt, it's best to err on the smaller end because smaller is easier to adjust and harder to lose!
    Necklaces & Chokers
    The measurements listed for our necklaces and chokers are their full circumference (including the empty space, as in the example of our Champion Choker) so to determine your perfect fit, use a soft tape measure to see where they will fall on your neck. Our sizing kit includes a 30" aluminum ball chain that can be cut down with wire cutters or scissors to help you visualize different length chains on your neck.