+ How do I know my cuff/bracelet size?

 You can reference our size chart here. If you fall between two sizes, we recommend sizing up. If you fall outside of our size range, you can send us an email to request custom sizing at no additional charge. Custom sizing is non returnable. Please note that our sizing is unisex and therefore a petite to average size woman will often wear a small or medium, a petite to average size man will often wear a medium or large. Please reference our size guide carefully and reach out via email with questions or concerns before ordering. 

+When will my order ship?

Every item is handmade in our workshop as orders are placed. We aim to prepare and ship orders multiple times per week, but if you need something urgently please email us  - we want your friend/enemy to get their super special gift on time too!

+ Do your products contain nickel or lead?

Nothing we make contains nickel or lead. Our brass, copper, sterling silver and gold are the highest and purest quality available.

+ Will this leave green marks on my skin?

It all depends on the chemistry of your skin. This is a reaction that happens to some in the early days of wearing brass or copper, dependent on your personal PH levels. Most people find that as they wear their cuff more, the reaction diminishes. As your body chemistry reacts with the metal, a protective oxide layer will begin to form on the inside of the cuff, helping to minimize this reaction. Please note this reaction is not an allergic reaction and is harmless. 

What is the return policy?

We accept returns within 30 days from receipt for full refund, exchange, or store credit. Custom sized and/or custom engraved items are non returnable. Customer is responsible for shipping costs. Shoot us an email at info@studebakermetals.com to initiate a return.

+How do I maintain the finish of my cuff?

Keep in mind that each cuff is meant to evolve and develop a unique patina as you wear it. Our high polished cuffs tend to stay bright when worn regularly, but darken up when left sitting exposed to air. You can brighten them back up with any polishing agent or cloth. We suggest the Sunshine Cloth, available on Amazon. Our brushed finish items can be restored by rubbing them with scotch bright.

+How do I keep my cuff clean?

If you're just looking to remove grime, all you'll need is dish soap. If you're storing your cuffs for long periods of time without wearing them, you can keep them sealed in a plastic bag to avoid exposure to oxygen that will cause them to further darken.

Didn't find your question here? Reach out: info@studebakermetals.com